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The General Store With So Much More!

Award-Winning Deli

Need a excellent deli in Mansfield? Well when you're looking for premium quality, superior taste, and honest value, our deli meats and cheeses fit the bill in every way!   Don't forget to try one of our Famous Deli Sandwiches, made fresh to order!  

Amish Bulk Foods

Think you have to buy 50 pounds to save big at Pumpkin Seed?  Think again!

Dent-n-Bent Groceries

Save up to 65% on your grocery bill with our Dent-and-Bent Bargain Buyouts!


From Chocolate to Yogurt-Covered to Gummi to Hard-To-Find, we have 'em all!

Dairy, Fresh Products

Milks, Eggs and more!

Essential Oils & Supplements

Essential Oils, Supplements, Personal Care and more!

Fresh Produce

Selection varies since we buy as local as we can!

Baking Supplies

Flours, Sugars, Sprinkles and More!

Hot & Cold Bevrages

Coffees, Teas, Mixes and More!

Fresh Amish Baked Goods

Pick up a little homemade goodness to make your day special!

Freezer Pleasers

Frozen Fruits, Meals, Ice cream and More!

Kitchen Gadgets

Every cook in every kitchen deserves the right tools to make meal preparation easy and enjoyable!

Knife Sharpening & Screen Repair

Dull knives make dull cooks, so let Pumpkin Seed keep you sharp with our sharpening service!  And don't let those torn screens ruin your look.  We can take care of them for you!

Let's Get Cooking

With fresh, natural ingredients like these at bulk food prices, your meals will take on a whole new dimension! #delicious!

Jar Goods

Don't have time to preserve your own?  We have a vast selection of Jams, Jellies, Veggies and more!

Crunchy Snacks

Crunch into big flavor with all kinds of snacks at Pumpkin Seed!

Greeting Cards

It's never out of place to brighten someone's day by sending along your good wishes and cheerful thoughts!

Freshly Ground Nut Butters

We grind. You enjoy!

Dried Fruits, Nuts & Seeds

Add a little crunchy and delicious protein to your diet with nuts!