Why Bulk Food?

• Did you know that you can save between 30% - 60% off the cost of many foods simply by buying them in a bulk food store?

Major costs are associated with packaging and advertising, which is avoided by buying bulk foods.

• Did you know you can purchase our bulk foods in a variety of package sizes?

This helps you get the quality foods you want in the sizes that fit your needs and your budget, affording you “Great Savings in Every Size!”

• Did you know that by buying your foods in a bulk food store, you can actually see the products you are purchasing in clear bags and containers?

This way, you can see the freshness, quantity, and quality of the products you buy. Convenient, re-sealable packages ensure freshness.

• Did you know that because bulk food is sold by weight, you are paying for the food, not the box.

Pound for pound, bulk food offers fresh, quality products that are packaged in a simple and much less wasteful way.

*Special thanks to discoverbulk.com and bulkisgreen.org for content.