Baking supplies


Flours and Grains

Pumpkin Seed stocks many different flours, brans, and grains for all your baking needs.  Whether it's Gluten Free or conventional baking, we've got what you need!


Generate Excitement with Sprinkles and Sanding Sugar

Pumpkin Seed has so many toppings for your creations!  Year 'round, in stock, for whenever you become inspired, they are here for you!


Flavorings & Extracts

We carry over 120 different flavorings, extracts,  and  baking emulsions!


Sugars & Sweeteners

Pumpkin Seed has granulated, powdered, raw, brown, dark, demerara, beet sugars, and more.  Want some alternatives?  How about agave nectar, BetterStevia®, coconut sugar, date sugar, dextrose, erythritol, fructose, xylitol, maple syrup, honeys galore and more!


Food Coloring

Pumpkin seed offers liquid, powdered, and gel colorings to kick up your presentations!


Everything Else

Yeasts, shortening, oils, dough enhancers, fillings, and more are ready to let you fulfill  all your baking dreams!