Cunchy Snacks


Chips and Such

Get your crunch on with Corn, Potato, Sweet Potato, Veggie, Pork Rinds and chips of all flavors.  Plus, don't miss the cheese puffs and balls, party mixes and more!  Then grab some of our dips and salsas for a full-bodied snacking experience! 


Popcorn...Some Sweet and Some Salty

Pumpkin Seed stocks whole kernel, microwaveable, popped cheese-flavored, lightly salted, corn puffs, kettle, caramel corn, and gourmet mixes.  Don't forget our good assortment of popcorn salts, seasonings, and toppings!


Pretzels Galore

From familiar shapes and styles to hard-to-find shapes, get your pretzels at Pumpkin Seed!  Pair your favorites with yummy dips, and you're good to go!


Sesame Sticks

From plain to maple & bacon or honey roasted, we stock all sorts of flavors to tickle your taste buds!


Snack Mixs

No matter if you're looking for trail or snack mixes,  we've got'em!  Bump up the nutrition in your snacks with these delightful mixes!


Crunchy Cookies

We buy your favorite crunchy cookies and sugar wafers in bulk, package them in just the right sizes, and pass the savings on to you!