Fresh Dairy


Fresh Chicken Eggs

Our eggs are all locally raised in a cage free environment!  We have all natural and Organic to choose from.


Many Milk Options...Cow & Goat!

Local Milk in Mansfield!  We carry Buckeye Country Creamery and Greenfield Organic, both of which are vat pasteurized and non-homogenized (with the cream on top).  This protects the valuable enzymes that higher temperature flash pasteurization kills.  Rather have regular milk?  No problem!  We also carry Toft's milk as well.

Looking for goat milk?  We carry Amish-owned Paint Valley Farms goat milk year round! 


Butter Rolls and Quarters

We carry Walnut Creek and Troyer Butters.  Choose from the AA Grade quarters or the Amish Country favorite Roll Butter both salted and unsalted.