Pumpkin Seed Deli


How is the Pumpkin Seed Deli Different?

We serve both Troyer and Walnut Creek products because of their high quality standards and exceptional flavor.  Here at Pumpkin Seed we make freshness a high priority so that you always will enjoy fresh and delicious deli selections.


Famous Deli Sandwiches

Get your freshly made custom sandwich on our fresh Amish bread and pick your choice of yummy toppings!  With over 4,000 possible combinations, you can get the deli sandwich you've been looking for!


Yummy Deli Salads

Pumpkin Seed has de-lish deli salads, pickled eggs and veggies, and cheese spreads, too!

Pumpkin Seed deli trays are better!


1. Pick any meat and cheese in our case!  We don't limit your choices to just the usual suspects!


2. We do not put any garnishes on our trays, so your hard-earned money goes to meat and cheese not to things no one eats.  More meat and cheese on a meat and cheese tray...what a concept! 


  3. Our customers tell us that we give generous portions, so when you get a tray for X number of people, it should feed X number of people, and maybe a few more!