Wholesome Greeting Cards


It's never out of place to brighten someone's day by sending along your good wishes and cheerful thoughts!  Pumpkin Seed Bulk Food can help you express just the right sentiment with our extensive greeting card display filled with over 450 different beautiful Leanin' Tree cards and note pads.  Whether it's birthday wishes, anniversary remembrances, sincere thanks, heartfelt condolences, or get-well greetings, Pumpkin Seed can make it easy for you to give the gift of your thoughts in a special way!  Pumpkin Seed also stocks boxed cards in a wide variety of designs.  These cards have beautiful photos and artwork, wholesome messages that touch the heart, and many have an inspiring verse from the Bible.  Our boxed cards are an economical and lovely way to show how much you care!  We also offer Lively Hope Designs in individual cards for all occasions.