Window Screen Repair in Mansfield!


Pets shredding your window and door screens?

Even if you don't have pets, your window screens do wear out over time and need to be replaced to preserve the look of your property.  With 40+ years of combined experience and many screening options available, we look forward to making those screens look as nice as the rest of your home!  We repair Window Screens, Patio Screen Doors, Arched & Oddly Shaped Screens and can custom build screens, too.  We are your choice in window screen repair in Mansfield!

Cutlery Sharpening Service



We all know that dull knives are dangerous knives! Your knives are safer and perform their best when kept sharp.  Pumpkin Seed can sharpen all types of straight edged kitchen knives and butcher knives.  Manufacturers recommend a commercial sharpening every six months for optimum performance.  Pumpkin Seed Bulk Food is pleased to offer an over-night professional sharpening service to keep all your knives in tiptop condition!